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down. >> he must leave. >> president obama has approve the use of u.s. military aircraft and civilian flights to help refugees. he left open the idea of establishing a no-fly zone in libya. >>> it's 5:06. mawrya carry says she was -- mariah carey says she was unaware and naive. what she and other stars did to raise eyebrower. >>> things getting worse in wisconsin. protesters forced to leave the state capitol and things are violent. we will show you when we return in a few minutes. [ dog barking ] mom! breakfast? in this house? in the morning i can use all the help i can get. that's why i love nutella, a delicious hazelnut spread that's perfect on multigrain toast and even whole-wheat waffles. it's a quick and easy way to give my family a breakfast they'll want to eat. and nutella is made with simple, quality ingredients, like hazelnuts, skim milk and a hint of cocoa. they love the taste and i feel good that they're ready to tackle the day. ♪ nutella. breakfast never tasted this good. Ñw>yÑ[=]q?? >>> you're lookality live pictures this morning-- looking at live pictures this mornin
with tons of water afterprevious efforts proved somewhat effective. linda so joins us now. >> reporter: it's a race against the clock trying to prevent a meltdown at the nuclear plant. it's been one week since the devastating earthquake and tsunami mit and now japan is reaching out to the u.s. for help. emergency workers have gotten desperate using water cannons to cool the troubled reactors. one expert says it's like using a squirt gun to put out a forest fire. but there's a bit of good news. operators at the nuclear plant connected a power line to the complex. they are hoping that line will restart the water pumps needed to cool down the reactors. the u.s. is flying in five high pressure water pumps if that doesn't work. japanese engineers are making a startling admission saying they may have to bury the nuclear plant in sand and concrete. it's the only way to preveapt catastrophic release of radiation. here -- prevent a catastrophic release of radiation. >> there's a lot of space between here and japan. so we don't expect an impact here, but we want to make sure. >> reporter: and this m
officials say there's no need to worry. sherrieionson joins -- sherrie johnson joins with us the latest details. >> reporter: contamination from japan's damaged nuclear facilities continues to leak into the ocean and plutonium was discovered in the soil. we are seeing the first signs of radio activity here in maryland. now maryland health secretary says we have little to worry about even though very small amounts of radioactive materials have been detected in the air. any radio activity found here likely came through clouds and storm systems and as for the chesapeake bay, it's highly unlikely any contamination could make its way here through currents. experts warn people moth to take doses of potassium iodide since it's not necessary and could potentially cause side effects. >> it came as no surprise because it had been reported that it had been detected in colorado, and california, and we know that the weather pattern was bringing it in this direction anyway. >> reporter: trace a radioactive material basically has turned up in massachusetts and pennsylvania, but if you want to have mor
of you wrote us about last november when we first introduceed you to the the slatery family. edward lost his kief and in -- wife and his 13-year-old boy matthew as well. we will show you how he is proguessing after his trough -- progressing after his traumatic brain injury. >>> for almost all athletes, young and old alike, the threat of getting your bell rung or getting a concussion used to be part of the game you played not not so the case anymore. now the dis. discussion on concussions moves to the state capitol. abc2 news sherrie johnson joins us live at m and t bank stadium with an explains. good morning. >> reporter: that's -- explains- - explains. good morning. >> reporter: this week in annapolis kids and concussion also take center stage. research shows the brains are more affected by older athletes. talk of banning sports for safety sake because there isn't enough protection for kids. bill discussed this annapolis will develop guidelines for how head injuries should be hand kneeled there are certain questions that we should-- should be handled. >> there are certain questionsthat
, the carroll county community says bye to a hero who touched many lives. sherrie johnson tells us how he will-remembered. >> reporter: family and -- will be remembered. >> reporter: family and friends will come together for the marine that carroll county that gave the ultimate sacrifice for our country. he will be laid to rest. serving in the marines was a family tradition. he followed in his morse's footsteps when he enlisted out of high school and deployed four times overseas. first three to iraq and final deployment to afghanistan. he is described as one of the best in the top 10%. his family takes comfort in his work in afghanistan where it's a struggle to bring tribal leaders on board to support coalition forces. >> jimmy's actions showed that, you know, he was willing to fight beside them and for their freedom. and because of that, that trust and respect they had for him helped unite the village. >> reporter: sergeant malachowski was 25 years old. he will be be buried at arlington national cemeteriy with full military honors on april 7th. he leaves behind a wife, two sons and his parent
a back tierial from a subelement. all hospitals have been ordered to stop using it. >>> news time 5:00. the mayor's planned neighborhood walk in recommendington may take a -- remington may take a different turn after a woman is found stabbed to death. sherrie johnson joins us live with details. >> reporter: well, the remington community has a changing face with all the things that are going on. they have a new wal-mart coming to the area. things were looking up. that is until a woman was found stabbed to death in her home yesterday. it happened on huntington avenue in north baltimore. the woman's body was found by her father around 4:30 tuesday afternoon. this murder comes as the baltimore city mayor was scheduled to walk the remington neighborhood encouraging the businesses. the 25th street station will be home to a new wal-mart and's and mid size smaller stores. a meeting for tonight will take a different turn. >> it's very frightening. it's very, very tragic. >> reporter: homicide detectives were out for much of the night rehe searching and investigating-- researching and investi
for her life at johns hopkins. the neighborhood is terrified to go outside. sherrie johnson joins us now with details. >> reporter: amanda mitchell is without a smile after two pit bulls viciously attacked leaving several laceration on her face. she is in critical condition at johns hop kens hospital. her mother along with several neighbors tried to get the dogs off the child when the dogs attacked. she was bleeding profusely and requires several surgeries. her mother was cut while fighting the dogs and there's tooth marks on her cell phone, evidence of the struggle. >> the dog was pulling her, and i run and hold onto her. -i -- and i keep pushing the dog away and grabbing her and the dogs keep pulling her. and i keep grabbing her and keep fighting with my one hand. so the dog catch me a couple bites, but it didn't want me. they want -- they keep going where they see the blood at. >> the -- >> reporter: the pit bull owners said the dogs were not trained to fight a spokesman says the dogs were taken from the home and we may know today if they will be put to sleep and if the owners will be
it's the largest animal hoarding case they have seen. linda so joins us with what happens now. >> reporter: they need a home. you can go to thean arundel county animal shelter starting this morning to adopt. 51 dogs were taken from the home in the 1800 block of choptank road. the dogs are yorkies, poodles or yorky poodle mixes. he says they started with one dog 15 years ago and never planned to have this many but they breeded the dogs and sold them for about $600 each. when the buyers stopped come, they kept the dogs and were afraid to call the pound because they didn't want them euthanized. >> it snowballed it didn't happen in a week or or two or a week or a year. it has been going on for a while. >> reporter: you are allowed four dogs without a breeder's license. officials have not decided if they will charge the owner. the dogs are healthy and up for adoption starting today at thean arundel county animal shelter except for 3 that are pregnant. that he -- there's moreinformation on abc2news.com. linda so, abc2 news. >> thanks a lot. >>> the grandmother of a 4-year- old who p
drive. and traffic lights on flash at white marsh and honeygo. use caution through the intersection. now back to you. >>> new this morning, baltimore city firefighters are trying to figure out what caused a twop alarm fire in a house. one person was rushed to the hospital. mow this fire broke out in northwest baltimore very late last night. abc2 news sherrie johnson is live with new video and new reaction. what can you tell us? >> reporter: megan, we are here live in northwest baltimore where firefighters spent much of the night battle this fire right here. and let me tell you, at last report, one person was taken from the home unconscious. but we are still trying to update the information. firefighters responded to this home in the 4300 block of springdale avenue for a two- alarm fire that was just before 11 last night. the home was totally engulfed in flames and smoke. and one person was rescued from the second floor unconscious at the time, and he was taken to the hospital. here's what neighbors say that they saw. >> you could see smoke coming from the windows and ceiling. and, l
their daughter over in japan. linda so is work on both angle the story joins with us details. >> reporter: first, there he's always the potential for danger when dealing with radiation. but the ceo tell us the plant can with stand 57 magnitude quake and things are safe. we want to get you up to speed on the nuclear situation in japan. they are worried about the possibility of a complete meltdown. there's been another explosion and fire at the fukushima power plant. radiation is leaking from the plant forced the prime minister to order people living nearby to stay indoors. all this as the death toll from the massive earthquake and tsunami continues to rise. right now, the official number stands at 2475, which thousands still missing. we learned a glimmer of good news. rescueers pulled a 70-year-old woman from the rubble. victim of that earthquake was fond alive. they pulled 570-year-old woman from the rubble. the list of-- red he cross compiled a list of missing from japan. one is ashley who is 25 and living in japan when the area's hardest hit. we have a link on the website.
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. >>> the u.s.-our peen officials -- and european officials are using terrifies words, deer tier ating and apocalypse. president obama says americans will be flown out of the country and we are learning the desperate measures such as dropping water on the reactors are being done at the insistence of the united states. hundreds of thousands of japanese evacuees are jammed into shelters with little or no food and medicine. >> and within the next few hours a. young woman from howard county will begin a long trek home from japan. we met danielle jakors friday. she is a student at the towson university spending her senior year on an exchange program. she was in a class at to beingo international university friday when the quake hit. more than 6,000 miles away in columbia, her mother was in bed. >> i remember the clock it was 1:47 a.m. when she called me and then i've been up probably ever since. >> no doubt about that. university in toning yoke -- tokyo canceled -- in tokyo canceled the rest of the committer. her host family can't spare the gas to drive her to the airport and she is walking
walk. officials will talk about what type of surface to use on the popular promenade. a wood surface has won as a favorite option by those taking part in a poll. the renovations are set for the fall. >>> beginning today you'll have to pay a toll when you use the intercounty connector. nearly 273,000 vehicles have traveled the first segment of the state's first all electronic toll road since it first opened on february 23rd. it goes from i-370 east to georgia avenue, around 70, and then south on to on ley. >>> the senate is expected to vote on a bill to make it illegal to read text messages while you're driving. this bill aims at getting rid of texting all together while you're behind the wheel. in all of last year, about 208 citations were issued for people texting while driving. >>> we saw a ton of rain on sunday and it never seemed to slow down. >> look at what other parts of the country are dealing with, major headaches for one u.s. city after high water shut down roads. >>> it's party time, y'all. we'll take you to new orleans for mardi gras. >>> this is a live picture of lax air
. and, you know, stay out of trouble. that's the only thing i can tell you. it's not like it used to be. >> investigators believe an argument among several teens may have led to the shooting. and anyone with information should call baltimore county police. >>> two minutes after five right now. baltimore city police have released new surveillance pictures hoping to get clues in the murder of a city employee. david mclaughlin and friends were at a club in wood lawn over the weekend. another group followed them as they left. when the group stopped at a shell gas station in the 4500 block of edmonton avenue a. fight broke out. mclaughlin was stabbed to death. if you have information, call the number on the screen, 410- 396-2012. we are learning new information about the man killed in a house fire in northwest baltimore. the two alarm fire broke out tuesday on springdale avenue. authorities say the victim is 63-year-old roger carter. his estranged wife says his wife pub -- he just published a book. >>> hundreds of maryland patriots will head off to the middle east. more than 400 national gua
leader qaddafi says he will do whatever it takes to stay in control. even as u.s. and european forces continue to pound targets across libya. linda so is standing by with the latest. >> reporter: well, qaddafi is vowing to fight a long war. but the latest offense sigh sending a strong message that -- offensive is sending a strong message that he is not safe they struck his compound yards from his tent. the u.s. says he was not a target rather the goal was to take out his military capabilities. it's unclear whether qaddafi was-- where qaddafi was during the attack. this is the second day of air strikes. u.s. and allied forces pounded targets across libya with cruise missiles and stealth bombers and fighter jets. u.s. says a no-fly zone is in place and insist it will hand over control to european or nato led coalitions in a matter of days. >> we will continue to support the colation and be a member of the coalition. we will have a military role but we will not have the preeminent role. >> reporter: a u.s. official says he is not sure how long the offense will last or if qaddafi will ste
about moved across the southern u.s. and made its way into our region which could mean flooding in several areas. linda so is live this morning out in the elements in mount washington. linda, what are you seeing so far this morning? >> reporter: well, so far no flooding. things don't look too bad at the jones falls in mount washington. we came out here because this area is prone to flooding. in 2004, they dealt with a really bad storm. lots of rain flooded cars and damaged the stores here at mount washington mill. you've got whole foods and starbucks and other stores. but today, so far, it's not badch the rain has been coming down steady overnight. but this morning, so far, no problems with flooding. you know, our area has not gotten as bad as other states pounded by the storm. and chattanooga tennessee homes are flooded and creeks are swollen as people try to deal with the mess. here in our area, we could see flooding later in the day in lowlying areas. here's somethings -- low lying areas. here's somethings you can do. make sure storm drains are clear. no trash or other debris
because of high water. use pulaski highway as a alternate. linda, back to you. >> thanks. >>> this morning, some people will be drying out their basements after rains caused a wet mess. even a parking garage at penn station fluided. that's -- flooded. that's where we find sherrie johnson. >> reporter: we are here at penn station where things are calmer this morning. the towing companies stopped towing cars and the water started to recede just a little bit. there's a little water down below in the garage, but not quite as much. now during the height of the storm, thousands of gallons of water mixed with sewage streamed into the garage at penn station. many cars were moved from the original spaces to higher ground. the water seeped into old cracked sewage pipes forcing everything up to the surface through the manhole covers. and it made for quite a busy day for greenwood towing. >> trying to get them before they get to the door levels, taking them. >> we have got 100 to 120 moved. >> we parked over there and it should have been right down here. so, i don't know where it is yet. >> reporter:
to warn you about the guy. linda so joins us to tell you about a man police agencies and the fbi are eager to catch. linda. >> reporter: well, he is tied to at least 17 rapes. police say he attacked women and girls in four states, including here in maryland. now police hope his image on electronic billboards will help track down the serial rapist. the billboards wend up along the east -- went up up a along the -- up all along the east coast. he attacked since the 1990s. his identity is unphone but police are hoping a website will bring in tips to break the case. his last known attacked happened a year and a half ago on halloween in dale city, virginia. he attacked three teenage girls going home after a night of trick or treating. >> he was armed with a handgun and a mask. he led them into a wooded area where he sexually assaulted the girls. >> reporter: so far police have ruled out about 700 suspects. they are hoping the renewed push to catch the east coast rapist will lead to a tip that will tie it together. if you have any information, call crime solveers at 1-866- 411-tips. you can rema
's a good idea. linda so joins us to explain. linda. >> reporter: carl stokes says if you cut the property tax people will come. it worked in big cities like boston and san francisco. right now, baltimore has higher property tax rates than most surrounding counties. the councilman wants to cut the city tax rate by 15 cents a year over the next four years bringing in it-- it down to the- - bringing it down to the same rate as baltimore counties. if property taxes are lowered, he says more people would move into the city offsetting the revenue loss. the mayor blasted the proposal saying it relies on fuzzy math and would lead to major cuts in public safety. >> i am asking that we all keep an open mind and that we debate this and agree that tax relief of a dramatic form is deserved by the property owners of baltimore city. >> reporter: so we wanted to know what you think. go to abc2news.com and scroll down to the pot op. click on-- bottom. click on facebook and we ask if you live outside the city now, would cutting the property tax make you think about moving into baltimore? we are hearing int
efforts following the earthquake last january. >>> she is using her popularity for a great cause. >> she is. in a matter of days, lady gaga raised huge bucks for survivors in japan. we will tell you how she did it and how much she raised. >>> and a bit later, the tsa is answering questions involving your safety and privacy when you head through body scanners. >>> a live picture from atlanta. we will take you down there. temperatures expected to reach the 60s today. we will find out about here in baltimore in just a moment. ever seen anything like it? me neither. it's beneful incredibites. it's just the way you like it-- with carbohydrates for energy and protein for muscles. [ woman announcing ] beneful incredibites. another healthful, flavorful beneful. now in a convenient bag. i want you tonight! [ female announcer ] wish granted. lean cuisine has a fresh new bag. lean cuisine market creations steam meals. like new chicken poblano with tender white meat chicken, crisp veggies, in a savory cheddar sauce. new from lean cuisine. >>> it's eight minute after -- eight minutes after five. rain
for the cool kids campaign learning center. i want to thank miss lee, miss kristen, miss sharon for joining us. good job and good time with the kids. baltimore county by perry hall 23 degrees. we're 27 in baltimore under a clear sky. we expect clear skies throughout the day. we'll be stuck with our high of 39 this afternoon. here's kim with traffic. >>> i-95, no major problems from mountain road to the whiteman boulevard area and then to the beltway and to the 895 split. the harrisburg expressway, all lanes open. no delays, very light volume. we do have a house fire in baltimore city that could block some lanes near the intersection of winston avenue and ivan hoe avenue. a water main break repair in pikesville is affecting the southbound lanes of park heights avenue at slade avenue. left lane is blocked. back to you. >>> today newt gingrich expected to talk about a possible run for the gop presidential nomination. he has a news conference at 2:00 p.m. today in georgia. he served in congress for 20 years until he retired in 1999. >>> his hair of put on ebay to raise money for charity. the onlin
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